Eli was born in Havana, Cuba. During childhood, she practiced Gymnastics, she became a runner, and in the late 80's she became an aerobics instructor. In the mid 90's Eli immigrated to Italy where she became a citizen of the European Union. Upon moving to United States in 2002, somehow, Eli ended up in the insurance business industry, whereby experienced physical and emotional imbalance. To counteract the adverse impact stress had on her body, Eli started practicing Hatha Yoga, and fell in love with it. Eli decided to follow her passion and started living life from the heart space. Eli managed to integrate her born-given talents of teaching, and dancing, with her innermost desire of being of service to others. Eli’s love for fitness, her commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle, and her natural giving qualities, were the fertile soil whereby the seed of intention sprouted and flourished to whom Eli is today. It has been said: “When you step on the path of your life purpose, the universe conspires to help you to manifest your dreams.”

Parallel to becoming a Yoga Teacher, Eli continued to build up experience in the fitness arena. Eli is a certified Group Exercise Instructor through AFAA, and a Personal Trainer through the NFPT. Eli has taught diversity of formats such as Tabata, Zumba, Line Dance, Stretch, and Pilates. Meanwhile, in the Mind-Body field Eli has been teaching a variety of styles such Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Chair Yoga, Restorative, Yin Yoga, and Meditation.

“The more I teach, the more I learn. The more I learn, the better I teach. It’s the law of exchange. I empower people to declutter their hearts from hatred, greed, resentment and all the negative emotional baggage sometimes we carry.” Says Eli.

Eli developed her own workout trademark: OM YOLOHIT℠ Where FITNESS and ONENESS meet℠ (more information under Class tab), and established her own company named Eli Lopez, LLC dba OM Yolohit℠ Prestige Yoga Studio.

Throughout the day, Eli keeps her awareness anchored to her breath, because the breath is always happening in the present moment – she shared. Eli connects with mother Gaia in nature as much as possible, by walking barefoot, gardening, singing, dancing. People refer to Eli as a “free spirit”, “and as a matter of fact, I am indeed” she says. Eli has other hobbies such as meditative painting, reading, writing, and learning. Eli believes her journey in this lifetime is to grow and be of service to others. “I came here to evolve into my higher self. I am an empath; energy healer, and I have the ability to make an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your 7 chakras as well as to restore their balance. I am a well-being advisor; spiritual guru and I am all about love.” Furthermore, Eli wrote a love poetry book, still unpublished. Yes! She describes herself, as a renaissance woman. “Does anybody believe in love out there anymore? (Just kidding).” Amongst other things, Eli has a great sense of humor. “Never lose your sense of humor!” Is her closing statement.


I dream of a world without constraints. Eli Lopez

OM YOLOHIT ℠ Where Fitness and Oneness meet ℠

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." Buddha