My sister recommended OM YOLOHIT meditation because I have trouble concentrating. Since she practices with Eli five times per week, she thought I could benefit from meditation. Once I was there, Eli encouraged me to take the beginner's Yoga class, and I did. I was able to follow Eli's queues, I was hesitant at first since I had never practiced before, but she explained with great detail and I was able to get into the poses. After Yoga I practiced meditation, it was my first time and I loved it! My headache and neck pain were gone after my first experience. I felt great energy flowing at the top of my head, I think they call it crown chakra. I felt wonderful. I love the smell of the studio, it smelled like lavender, I felt very peaceful and I slept like a baby that night. I will continue to attend meditation and yoga. I look forward to my next time. Maria B.

I attended a guided meditation offered by OM YOLOHIT yesterday here in Miami. Eli did a great job giving the meditation bilingual, in English and Spanish because some attendees were Spanish speaker only. I was touched by Eli's high level of spirituality and her soothing voice that guided me through. I highly recommend Eli's meditations and mainly the chakra healing services she offers. I felt elevated spiritually speaking, and a huge sense of happiness and physical-emotional balance during and after the section. Thank You Eli! I am looking forward to your next workshop here in Miami. Thank you for bringing light to this world. Mercedes Lopez

I felt wonderful energy; calming and soothing the minute I walked in. I'm happy I found Om Yolohit, I'm extremely pleased with all the services Eli provided during my visit. From Gentle Yoga class, meditation to chakra reading and healing. It was my first time practicing 108 mantra meditation, Eli explained the process well, I was able to follow all through it. She made it very easy and comfortable. This is a great place for people at all levels. Eli is very knowledgeable and accommodating, she understands her audience and customizes the classes as needed. After class and meditation, I had Eli read my chakras, not only did she read them, she also did chakra healing with the magnificent sounds of her signing crystal - quarts bowls. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, I feel so much better after that one session. Although I don't live in the area, I plan on visiting again when I'm in town. Silvia Genovez

Bemer therapy with Eli has been the best gift I've received!!! My daughter surprised me with a 20 session package for BEMER at Om Yolohit. I go three times per week since I was experiencing extreme knee pain, it was recommended to do it that often. I feel much better from my first session. I refuse to have a knee replacement and I don't think I'll need it once Eli is done with me. Session #4 is on Monday and I can honestly say I no longer limp as I used to, since I no longer hurt like I used to. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in two more weeks. Thank you Eli! Betty Borgen

Eli is such a pleasure to be around. Her spirit is calm and uplifting. I really enjoyed my class with her and her studio is so cute and welcoming. I look forward to experiencing more of what she has to offer! Corinna Maggy

I was recommended to this studio by a friend and I am so happy she did. The studio is very neat and clean. I have been coming to Eli's Meditation and Gentle Yoga classes. Eli knew how to build my strength, flexibility and confidence from day one. She gave me variations more easy to follow. She's very good at "reading" body language like she can "feel" you, because she always knows how I feel and what my body is experiencing without me saying a word... that's pretty amazing!! I committed myself to this studio, as I can already feel how my body and mind are being transformed into a new me. Eli has taught me how to breath, how to meditate and how to feel good in my own skin. I highly recommend this studio and her instructor. Elizabeth K

I am so happy to have found a yoga studio with such an amazing instructor. Eli is an incredible individual, she cares about her students, is genuinely passionate about what she teaches, and caters to the needs of the individual and makes you feel like you belong from day one, no matter what level you start on. It is a judgement free zone, only love once you walk through the door. She is so knowledgeable about the practice that it helps the student become more aware of its abilities to transform the mind and body and recognize those changes while in the process. I love Eli and what she represents, she is overflowing with positivity and happiness. Once you come you will never want to go anywhere else! Jennifer Flores

My instructor, Eli, is a "teacher" in every sense of the word. She has a passion for passing on the physical benefits of a yoga practice, as well as the spiritual benefits. She is an enlightened individual who genuinely cares about the specific needs and wants of every person she works with. My yoga practice has transformed since working with her. I feel more at peace with my body than ever before. I feel relieved of my aches and pains and feel invigorated and inspired to delve even deeper into my practice. The guided meditations she provides have helped me to overcome the anxiety I had been experiencing. I feel better equipped, spiritually, to handle life's stressors. I definitely recommend Eli and Om Yolohit Prestige Yoga Studio. You can feel the love as soon as you walk in the door! Jennifer G.

Thank you for the lovely classes today. The yoga and meditation were very energizing. I feel like a million bucks! My joints no longer hurt like they used to. I feel I'm gaining flexibility day bay day. I enjoy the different types of classes and practices you guide me through. Your teaching methods keep me motivated and coming back for more. I'm hooked! I look forward to my next class. Sussy B.

I have been looking for yoga studio to join for a while now and I finally found it. They have the exact type of classes I am looking for and there so many classes to choose from. I feel as if I am a part of something special. Joceline Heights

OM YOLOHIT is NOT the typical Yoga studio, it is more than that. Eli, is beyond fenomenal. She is truly spiritually connected, she is a great instructor and provides wonderful guidance. I was determined to find a Yoga studio with a good instructor that could offer a true Yoga experience, and I did. I walked in experiencing joint pain after major surgery. To my surprise I had a personalized class, modified to my needs. My Yoga session ended with an emotional outburst that reminded me of how being connected to my higher-self felt. We ended the session with a bang; Moon meditation. I can attest that after my first session my joint pains have reduced nearly 80%. Thank you Eli for such wonderful experience. Needless to say, I gladly became a member after my first session. I highly recommend this studio. Sussy Borgen

A Yoga class with Elie is like giving your soul a 60 minute vacation. She challenges your body, feeds your soul and sets your mind free. You’ll leave her class on cloud 9... thinking more clearly, breathing more deeply and feeling the positive vibes she joyfully shares with all of her students. Maria Flanagan

Eli, we are very excited and happy for you! We loved having you and miss you being one of our trainers helping our corporate members slow down the pace while at work and guide them to go within as our meditation and yoga yogi. We bless you on your journey. Anyone that is in your presence is truly blessed. We call it being Eli-fied. Much love and success. Your light within truly radiates out and touches people. Kelley Aderhold

Eli is very knowable and has a great personality. Koko

Wonderful instructor. Truly cares about me as her student. Very knowledgeable. Robert Kalashian

On my way home from work, I stopped by this Yoga Studio for drop-in classes. I practiced Restorative Yoga and a guided moon meditation that afternoon. Wow! The teacher Eli is very experienced and has an amazing energy. As does the studio. I felt fantastic right after! My stiff joints finally opened up, thank goodness! lol The Studio is clean, quaint, beautiful and has a relaxing lavender essence in the air. I’m hooked, to say the least! So I signed up as a member and for upcoming workshops. I would highly recommend Eli and her yoga studio to anybody that is looking to feel their absolute best and to be empowered. Eli’s energy and her words, along with her practice, were incredibly inspiring. Namaste’ 🙏 Christa da Silva

I really enjoy your classes. You feel the meaning of Namaste coming from your soul. More than just the moves. I feel you were born to do this. Thanks. Ann Haines

I love your classes. They are very relaxing and strengthening. The stretching helps me very much and your calm and certain voice guides me through to do more than I thought I could. Thank you so much. Jennifer Pantermuehl

Eli's yoga class is marvelous. I come out feeling amazing from, along with the great stretches, her wonderful sense of humor, her spirituality and loving approach. Thank you Eli. Pearl

Thank you for the GIFT that you are to the world. Your light shines through. Your classes, teachings, example, have changed my body, mind, soul for the better. Jessie Rivera


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